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Erie Strayer Model MG-12CP Portable Paving Package

Our standard Erie Strayer Paving Package Includes:


- Erie Strayer Model MG-12CP 12 Cu. Yd. Portable Paving Plant

- Command Alkon COMMANDbatch Computer Controls

- C&W Mfg. RA-200 Central Dust Collector

- Four Plant Feed Conveyors with Front-End Loader Hoppers

- Container-Type Batch Office & Additional 20' Storage Container


     Please click here and take a few minutes to review our full descriptive presentation of this plant package.

MG-12CP Portability & Design

     The main plant ships in five loads, at least three of which are "power-only".  This means they have their own running gear, breaks, running lights, and kingpin for easy transport with a tractor.  The additional Erie loads can be transported using flatbed and double-drop trailers.


     Although the auxiliary equipment is not trailerized like most of the main plant, it is still designed with portability in mind:


- Plant feed conveyors are stackable; all four can fit on one flatbet truck in most cases

- 9'x14' Plant feed hoppers are easily transported on one or two flatbed trucks, depending on how many are needed

- The central dust collector is almost completely assembled at the factory and requires very little field fit/installation.

- Since the batch office and storage container are standard 20' shipping containers, you can transport them from jobsite to jobsite with ease





MG-12CP Ease of Setup & Startup

     The Erie Strayer MG-12CP paving package is designed to allow for fast set-up and computer start-up, which reduces crane and labor expenses.


     Please click on the slide show at the left to see the plant set-up procedure.





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