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Carrier Water Chillers for the Concrete Industry

Carrier water chillers allow you to precisely control your water temperature giving you a consistent temperature mix. 

Why Choose Carrier?

• Concrete water chillers drastically reduce your concrete cooling costs
• Take the guesswork out of cooling your concrete, unlike other methods (ice, liquid nitrogen, etc.)

• Free freight on every chiller

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Water Chillers

Cold Water for Hot Weather Concrete Production 

  • Allow for precise control of water temperature, ensuring consistent concrete and quality. 

  • Eliminate the mess, labor and temperature guesswork of using ice.

  • Reduce your chilling costs vs. using ice or evaporation methods. 

  • Get certified start-up on every unit.

  • Make use of 150+ years of combined water heating and chilling experience.

  • Provides a long term solution to a requirement that is becoming more common. 

Sioux Water Heaters

D'Ambra Equipment is the California dealer for Sioux Hot Water Products.  We provide hot water solutions for any ready mix facility.  Sioux has been providing reliable heating solutions for over 75 years, and continues their dedication to efficient, effective, and innovative products today more than ever.

Sioux Water Heaters

The Sioux M Series water heater is the most popular model among ready mix producers because of it's performance, high efficiency, and reliability.  Depending on your water demand and amount of available insulated water storage your facility has, we can size a unit that meets your needs.  


The M Series comes with integrated water tank circulation pump and fully functional unit controls.


Sioux Model M-1 is shown to the left.  Models M-2 and M-3 are also available for higher demand applications.

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