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C&W Manufacturing Dust Collectors

D'Ambra Equipment can provide complete dust control and collection systems for your stationary and portable concrete plant equipment.  C&W Manufacturing dust control equipment can meet all local, state, and federal emissions requirements.

Reverse Air Baghouses

C&Wʼs Reverse Air technology provides an effective way to reverse the harmful effects of dust pollution. The RA-Series of central dust collectors offers proven technology and superior design for your dust control needs. The RA dust collectors are the most durable collectors available, in addition to using only a small amount of compressed air. Engineered by dust control specialists, the RA-Series combines user-friendliness with exceptional performance.

Low Profile Round (LPR) Filter Vent

C&W’s Low Profile Round (LPR) Silo Dust Collectors offer you Pulse-Jet technology and our cartridge filters to provide an efficient yet inexpensive solution for dust control. These collectors are compact and user-friendly with a low-profile and POP in-out filter media exchange, with no tools or need to remove blow pipes. They can also expand to higher capacities without having to replace the units

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