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Slump Inspection Platform

Often times the jobs associated with dust collection in the Ready-Mix industry are performed off the ground. Whether you are checking your concrete’s slump, adding fiber additives, or washing your trucks, any task performed above the ground can be dangerous.

C&W’s slump inspection platforms and stands provide you with a safe, convenient and durable solution for those hard to reach jobs. Built for harsh environments, our slip-resistant grit top slump inspection platforms and stands have been designed for long-lasting durability while following all OSHA guidelines and keeping personnel safe.

Slump Master III

The 3rd Generation Slump Master is the latest and most innovative way to safely and easily perform off the ground tasks. The Galvanized safety slump inspection platform features meniscus fiberglass decking that provides a permanent grit surface that’s safe, anti-slip, corrosion resistant with no scraping sandblasting or painting needed.

Features and benefits of C&W’s Slump Master include:

  • Flexibility: With optional pallet rack and washdown platforms, single or double platforms, and 8′ or 11′ heights.

  • Long Lasting, Durable: Heavy-duty galvanized steel construction with meniscus fiberglass decking and sand-infused fiberglass steps.

  • Easy to Operate: Hands-free operation of pivot platform.

  • Safe to Operate: Pivot platform lock and counter-balance mechanism on pivot deck.

  • Compact Shipping: Ships in wooden crate via motor-freight carrier.

  • OSHA-Compliant: 36″ wide OSHA-compliant stairway complete with safety stickers.

Keep Your Drivers Safe

When your Ready-Mix truck drivers are checking your concrete’s slump, inserting fiber additives, or washing your trucks, it’s critical to ensure that a simple task doesn’t turn dangerous. C&W DustTech’s Slump Inspection Platforms help you protect the health and safety of your team members, preventing slip and fall accidents while employees perform hard-to-reach jobs.

Made specifically for the harsh environments of the Ready-Mix industry, C&W’s Slump Inspection Platforms provide long-lasting durability and compliance with OSHA guidelines to keep personnel safe. These platforms are also designed with versatility in mind – operating for both front and rear discharge trucks and offering the ability to service two trucks at once with the double platform option.

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