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Sioux Hot Water Heaters for

Ready-Mix Concrete



D'Ambra Equipment is the California dealer for Sioux Hot Water Products.  We can provide hot water solutions for any ready mix facility.  Sioux has been providing reliable heating solutions for over 75 years, and continues their dedication to efficient, effective, and innovative products today more than ever.


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Sioux M Series:

The Ready Mix Producer's Choice

The Sioux M series is the most popular model among ready mix producers because of it's performance, high efficiency, and reliability.  Depending on your water demand and amount of available insulated water storage your facility has, we can size a unit that meets your needs.  


The M Series comes with integrated water tank circulation pump and fully functional unit controls.


Sioux Model M-1 is shown to the left.  Models M-2 and M-3 are also available for higher demand applications.


Please see performance chart below.

M Series Performance


Assuming you have a 1,000 gallon insulated water storage tank, the chart to the right shows how fast each model of the M Series can acheive average hot water temperature of 180° F inside your storage tank. 

M Series Installation Diagram

(Motorized Draft Diverter/Damper and Exhaust Stack are optional)

Sioux Model M-1 Fully Self Contained Hot Water Heater (Shipped on Custom Pallet)

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