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Enviro-Port Concrete Reclaimers & Filter Presses



D'Ambra Equipment can provide concrete reclamation systems for any job site.  Whether you want to reclaim and re-use 100% of your aggregate and gray water, or just need an environmental solution for truck wash-out, we can design a system that fits your needs.


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Main Components of Enviro-Port Concrete Reclamation Systems:

Truck Discharge Receiving Hood



- One to Four-Truck Boom Configuration, depending on size of facility


- Receiving hood uses water from existing ponds or new/existing gray water holding tanks to perform truck wash-out and flow wash-out and return into aggregate unloading buffer (see below)


- No moving parts in receiving hood, gray water is used to break up concrete and flow it into uloading buffer


- No fresh water is needed if gray water ponds or tanks are in place

Inside of Truck Discharge

Receiving Hood


Aggregate Unloading Buffer


- Standard 2,000 gallon capacity


- Unloading Buffer comes standard with Heavy-Duty 10 HP Nord Drive Motors and 8382 Nord direct Drive Speed reducers



Two Standard Aggregate Screw Sizes:


1.  13" Aggregate Unloading Screw, capable of processing 10 to 15 cubic yards per hour


2.  23" Aggregate Unloading Screw, capable of processing 25 to 30 cubic yards per hour


- Aggregate Unloading Screws come standard with an automatic lubrication system for end bearing


- Spray nozzles are installed near head-end of aggregate screw for fresh water rinse of discharged aggregate if desired

Gray Water Agitation Tank



- Standard tank sizes from 8,000 gallons to 35,000 gallons


- All gray water tanks come standard with Heavy Duty    10 HP NORD Drive Motors and 8382 NORD Direct Drive Speed Reducers

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